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4 Boat Maintenance Tips You May Be Forgetting

Boats on the dockRiding out on the water on the weekends to unwind from your weekly grind is one of the advantages of owning a boat. And though you may not use it every single day, your boat is an investment that you’ll have to meticulously take care of to make sure it serves you well every time you take it for a ride. Walk-Winn believes that one way to protect your boat is by using a tracker marine boat cover while it’s in storage. Others say only professionals can keep your boat well-maintained. Here are 5 tips that are often neglected but are crucial to the care and maintenance of your boat.

1. Dewax before waxing.

You probably wax your boat to prepare for the season. Before you do, make sure to apply dewaxing solvents before applying a new coat to make sure you can apply the new wax smoothly and make it stick longer on the boat’s surface.

2. Soak before scrubbing.

When you’re doing a general boat clean-up, use soapy water to soak the surface of your boat for about 15 minutes before scrubbing it. This will loosen any dirt or grime and make it easier for you to scrub it down.

3. Wipe off any moisture after using.

Moisture can cause mold and mildew anywhere on your boat. That’s something you don’t want to deal with. Be sure to wipe off all moisture from your boat and follow it up with a white vinegar and tea tree oil solution to kill any mold.

4. Address corrosion immediately.

This is a more advanced issue for which you might need to call a professional. Corrosion, if left untreated can cost you more if it eats away your boat’s surface.

Remember that your boat is your best companion out there on the water. Taking care of it the best way you can is key to keeping your boat looking good and running smoothly all year round.

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