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4 Insightful Tips to Build Energy Efficient Structures

Energy efficient structuresWhen designing a building, one thing that’s probably on your mind is making its structure as energy-efficient as possible. That’s because such a building not only saves money, it also keeps the environment healthy.

What can you do to achieve greater energy efficiency in your new structure? Here are four suggestions:

Use steel

About two-thirds of all electricity generated goes to buildings. Using steel as a building material can help you cut energy costs significantly. Cool metal roofs, which are mostly made of steel, keep your home up to 60 degrees cooler during the summer. This, in return, helps you save significantly on cooling costs. If you’re planning to renovate soon, you can always order your steel online at more affordable prices.

Fix efficient light bulbs

Stay away from incandescent bulbs, as these consume more power and has less lifespan compared to other bulbs. Opt for CFLs instead, which consume up to 70% less energy as incandescent bulbs. When looking to save even more, you can choose LED bulbs since they take much less energy to light up.

Use surge protectors

Surge protectors, also known as power strips, are useful in powering off excessive plugs and devices. Some of your devices, like PCs, don’t truly turn off even after you switched them off. By installing power strips, you can make sure that all devices don’t consume power simultaneously.

Only install efficient energy appliances

Where part of your construction project involves installing appliances, go to Energy Star-certified ones. These appliances have proven energy efficiency and will save lots of money on power consumption.

Instead of thinking about energy-efficiency, you can go ahead and put measures to achieve in your new structure. With some ingenuity, you’ll find that making a building energy-efficient is neither difficult nor expensive.


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