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5 Essential Hand Tools For Every Toolbox

Common toolsEvery homeowner needs a well-equipped toolbox. You will never know when you will have to assemble newly-bought furniture, install a ceiling fan or fix your child’s bicycle.

Whilst it is always possible to call a handyman for certain jobs, it is still a good idea to have essential tools readily available at your disposal. That way, you can save money and be self-reliant at the same time.

Are you wondering what basic tools to have in your toolbox? The next time to look for hand tools for sale, consider the following must-have items.


First, you need several screwdrivers of different sizes. If storage is an issue, just go for a screwdriver with interchangeable heads or tips. These tools are extremely useful, so make sure you have them around.


A toolbox is never complete without a hammer. A 16-inch claw-style hammer can be very handy and will help you get many jobs done around the home.

Tape Measure

For accurate measurements, a 25-foot tape measure with blade lock can be ideal.


When it comes to pliers, you need to get at least two models: 8-inch needle nose pliers and 10-inch groove-joint pliers. In addition, be sure to get ones with padded grips to avoid hurting your hands.

Utility Knife and Blades

Fa basic one with a retracting blade can be a great pick. Other alternatives you can check out may include non-slip handles and tool-free blade changes. Either way, you are sure to benefit from having this in your toolbox.

You can always visit nearby stores in your area to check for the availability of these tools. In addition, you can look for hand tools for sale online if you want to find the right items faster.

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