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A New Chapter in Packaging History: Package Design as a Tool for Engagement

close up of man hands holding gift box in officePackaging is more than just a way to keep goods intact. Apart from functioning as a protection for items and a canvas for marketing, packaging has evolved into a tool for engagement. With a good package design, companies can establish emotional and functional connections with consumers. As a result, bags, boxes and containers are becoming a platform for personal communication and interactive experiences.

PAKSMART Machinery, a provider of Australian-made smart packaging machines, tailors solutions to simplify the overall package process. By streamlining the process, companies can devise practical and creative ways to enhance in-demand packaging.

Establishing an Emotional Connection with Consumers

Innovative brands are taking advantage of packages to forge an emotional connection and create an ultimate experience for consumers. In the marketing campaign for Strauss’ ‘cow’ chocolate, for instance, the company took the traditional red candy wrapper and replaced it with one million different graphic designs. Customers could fold the special wrappers into unique paper sculptures (and by sharing the pictures on social media) earn the chance to win an iPhone and other special prizes.

Coke did something similar for their Share-a-Coke campaign as well. After the release of a two-can package, people could split the pack apart and share the drink with a friend.

Digital Connectivity through Packaging

Connecting with customers doesn’t have to happen solely through print packaging. UK-based Novalia, for instance, is turning packaging into a digital touchpoint. The company uses a special ink to produce a printed circuit that can trigger sounds after being touched or send information to the internet.

In 2016, Hershey’s followed a similar idea for its TAKE5 candy bar campaign by turning the cardboard packaging into a battery-powered Remixer beat box. The box has its own pause and stop buttons that could create more than 30,000 unique track combinations.

As consumers demand more variety and better product experiences, production and packaging companies should keep abreast of the changes. As a result, packaging machinery and marketing efforts need to be more flexible to cater to unique customer needs.

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