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Characteristics of Good Quality Industrial Packaging

Raw meat being packed before deliveryProduct packaging is the centrepiece of any company’s supply chain management, and as such, you have to strike a balance. If your packaging is too shoddy, all products will either go bad or end up damaged mid-shipment. If it is too expensive, it will consume your margins and reduce your return on investment. Strike that middle ground and analyse these four characteristics of quality protective packaging.

If you plan to start a delivery or shipping business, it is essential to know what kind of packaging feature you should use for safe delivery.

1. Minimising potential damage

Packages pass through stressful conditions before reaching their destination. If falls and errors make the product unusable, it does not only affect your profits but also delay the delivery time to your customer. The secret lies in choosing strong materials that protect the product.

2. Seal effectively

Any effective packaging should have a solid seal. Regardless of how well cushioned the packaging is, if it opens up mid-shipping then the protective packaging will not make any sense. Since there are many sealants available today, select one that is affordable but of good quality.

3. Provide sufficient cushioning

This is the loose protective material between the products and the packaging. Both collectable and fragile items require at least three inches of cushioning material around the box for maximum protection. This is particularly helpful for expensive products that are highly fragile. Ensure you test the protective packaging before sending your first shipment.

Having a strong, lightweight and high-quality industrial packaging can help improve your business record for reliability and safety. Make sure that you find a company who could provide you with the right materials for your packaging and delivery needs.

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