Shipping containers as shelters
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Container Sheds: Best Alternatives for Backyard Shelters

Shipping containers as sheltersWorldwide, not only here in Australia, people construct sheds and small shelters near their homes for different reasons. A shed can serve as a hobby room, a gardening tools storage, and even as a home office. You can use it to relax after an exhausting week, or you can use it to keep your garden tools for the winter.

Why not use shipping containers?

If you are planning to build a shed, one of the most vital choices is that you have to choose a building material that is durable, affordable and can make construction quicker. For some homeowners, the answer seems to be shipping containers.

Using a shipping container as a shed is more affordable compared to constructing a traditional shed. When it comes to durability, a container is much more durable than wood.  The larger the container, the more room you have to store larger tools and other equipment, such as lawnmowers or motorcycles.

Shipping container blues?

But since shipping containers are not mainly built as a living space, there could be limitations, such as insulation, and temperature control. Contact a builder who can help install these additional home features, so you could protect your equipment and your family when they use it.

There are additions you can install in a container shed to make sure you utilize the space well. For example, there are container partitions: the standard sizes of a container are 10, 20, and 40 feet. The partition can be a solid or removable partition to ease organization. Other modifications include secure locks, a loading ramp, lighting and air conditioning, custom windows and doors for natural lighting. These additions can all help improve a container’s comfort.

Look for a shipping container that could suit your space and purpose, but always check the containers before buying them, especially used shipping containers. Then find the right contractors who can help build your backyard hobby room and shed.

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