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Diaphragm vs Centrifugal Pumps: Which One is Suitable for Your Project?

Large water pumpsWhen the job calls for moving liquid from one place to another, you need a water pump. You have two options in carrying out this task: the centrifugal and diaphragm. While each pump can work for this particular application, certain differences may make one more suitable than the other.

Centrifugal Pump

When it comes to hydraulic pumps, the centrifugal model is the most popular across the globe for its simple yet effective mechanism. As soon as you turn on the pump, there will be an increase in the liquid pressure from the inlet to the outlet. It uses the centrifugal force to move the liquid rapidly, sucking in and displacing fresh stream in a continuous cycle.

On toolkwippumps.com.au, you’ll discover that the centrifugal pump is ideal for many different applications. This type of pump is ideal for various applications due to its robust and simple design. It is especially popular in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas

Diaphragm Pump

This is the most common type of pump for moving chemicals or viscous liquids. It has an air compressor for its power supply. Portable diaphragm pumps are extremely versatile and typically applied in mining, industrial and general manufacturing plant services.

The design allows air to reach the bottom of the cylinder, which lifts the piston and raises the diaphragm. This motion also lifts the inlet check valve ball, allowing the liquid to flow into the pump. Once the liquid fills the cavity, the pump is ready to discharge its contents. People often use diaphragm pumps to remove water from sewage, underground mines and even food transfer. Since the system only has three moving parts, there is little to maintain or repair.

Not all pumps are the same. Some types allow the transfer of liquids with low viscosity while others can move corrosive chemicals. In knowing the specific operation of each model, you can determine the right pump for your project.

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