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Food Trucks: How to Get Started?

Food TruckFood trucks are the all over the social media today, being the food service that is low-cost and can serve consumers anytime. With this rise of the food truck business, who does not want to get on board and start their own?

It has lower overhead expenses than restaurants and has the flexibility to move from one location to another if it does not generate enough profit.  An entrepreneur can start a food truck with less than $100,000 and earn as much as $250,000-$500,000 per year.

Luckily, mobile food expert sizemoreultimatefoodtrucks.com notes that there are so many products to innovate and sell. However, before you look for a food truck trailer for sale, here are some things you need to know about starting a food truck business:

Start-up Money

It would be smart to calculate all the costs and challenges that you might encounter. All operation costs will require around $30,000, this includes, food, employees, permits, parking fees, and other charges. However, make sure to set aside always a budget for emergency costs.

Planning Your Menu

Fun is an important ingredient in all food truck items. You should always think about what food you know how to cook, what you enjoy cooking, and what is popular in the area. After these considerations, you should incorporate creativity and innovation.

The question to answer now – what is not being sold by 100 other food trucks?


Your location will determine your success. You can park in office parks, empty lots, malls, tourist spots, sports venues, festivals, and events, conferences and conventions, college campuses, or business districts.

You have to make sure that they will allow you to park there and if you can find people that would be your potential customers in that area.

License and Permits

Before anything else, you should get your license and permits. These permits are to ensure that you commit to the health codes and sanitary regulations. Check on the website of the local health department to inquire about the requirements.

Food trucks may not be as expensive as restaurants, but for you to succeed, you have to make calculated risks.

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