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Greywater: An Alternative Water Source

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Water is one of the most important resources that people use every day. However, due to its seeming abundance in some parts of the world, people take its presence for granted and use it like it is an unlimited resource. The government and people all over the world have long seen this problem and has conducted necessary actions to prevent further water wastage from happening. This is where water recycling comes into the picture.

One of the ways people recycle greywater systems is through commercial recycling methods. But to understand this, on a deeper level, it is a must to know what greywater is in the first place.

What is Greywater?

You might not see it, but the water you use in your sink to wash the dishes, and the water you use in the toilet to flush down your business end up going to separate areas eventually.

Anything that is flushed down the toilet is classified as Blackwater. Blackwater is more commonly known as sewage and contains high organic loading. Anything that does not end up in the sewage but comes from your home is classified as greywater. They contain relatively less organic loading than blackwater, and therefore, is easier to manage and recycle.

How is Greywater recycled?

Because greywater has fewer particles and “waste” to remove, it is easier to recycle and naturally contains phosphorus and nitrogen. Once treated, greywater can be used for irrigation for food and non-food producing plants. It can also be reverted to home pipes and used for washing laundry or for flushing down the toilet. The use if greywater significantly lessened the reliance on freshwater as well as its usage.

Whether you are familiar with greywater or not, actively using it is one way of conserving precious water. Recycle by all means you can and in all ways. Start by using greywater.

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