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Grocery How-To’s: Three Hacks for Efficient Shopping

Writing the grocery shopping listWhile online shopping can provide the convenience of not having to go in circles while carrying numerous bags, fitness and diet fads are making consumers revert to buying goods the traditional way.

This is because shopping in a physical grocery store allows you to go through and scrutinise all the goods displayed in long-span racking systems, so you end up sure and satisfied with the quality of the product you are buying.

Here are ways to make your next trip to the grocery more efficient:

Choose Your Main Store

You should choose one store that you can commit to visiting every time you have to do your grocery shopping. This allows you to memorise which goods belong to which aisle.

When memorising store sections, follow this path: start from a corner of dry goods and go through items’ aisle after aisle, moving towards the frozen goods section. Do this so that when you reach the counter, your frozen goods are still intact.

Opt To Have Your Non-Perishables Delivered

You probably have an idea of how many tubes of toothpaste you can consume in a year, or how fast you can consume sachets of dish-washing liquids and rolls of tissue paper.

To save time and effort on your next trip to the grocery, you may want to have these kinds of items delivered, or just buy them every so often in a convenience store.

Prepare Your Lists

When creating your list, do not just put random items that you can think of. Instead, consider your budget, the quantity of items that you really need, and – picking up from number one – the actual path that you will tread when inside the store. Here is how you can organise everything:

  • Think about the meals that you plan to make in the coming days. Include specific ingredients in your list.
  • Think of the food items you are currently running out of at home.
  • Note the price of each item, and how important it is. If you go beyond budget, trim down your list based on importance or priority.
  • Arrange each item according to the path you will take when inside the store. This will help you move around efficiently.

Follow these tips, and you will be able to cut the time you usually spend inside the store. Happy shopping!

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