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Here are the Reasons You Must Try Using a Concrete Retarder

man applying concrete retarderModern and continuous developments in the building industry are always useful to the people in construction. Water retarding mixtures have grown over the years, and more people are starting to see its amazing benefits when it comes to industrial projects.

Concrete surface retarders are valuable tools for contractors and builders. Builders use them for both pragmatic and aesthetic reasons, and most importantly, they are also inexpensive and very easy to work with.

Extends the Setting Time

The number one reason builders use concrete retarders is to extend the drying time of the concrete. Using concrete retarders is especially important during the summer or during the hot days, as the concrete can easily dry up. Make sure to extend its setting time by hydrating it with retarders.

Adds Cosmetic Appeal

Builders use concrete retarders to add an aesthetic appeal to concrete flooring. Using an extender makes the concrete soft and hydrated for a long time, making it easier to manipulate the design of the flooring. The retarders also provide texture, grain and noise to the concrete, which most builders and customers prefer.

Prevents Slips and Accidents

Since concrete retarders provide grain and texture to the flooring, it is also widely known to prevent slips and slides. The exposed aggregate finish helps add traction as well as slip resistance to the surface, making it easier and safer to walk in.

This is especially important for building owners, as protecting the public should be their main concern to avoid any lawsuits in the future.

Working with concrete retarders is incredibly cheap. It costs just at least 10 to 15 cents per square foot, which is a huge deal for most builders. Remember to use protective gear to protect your eyes, skin, and hands from getting in contact with the harmful chemicals.

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