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Home Trimming: Popular Wood Molding Options

a wooden baseboard and a white wall

Those finely crafted architectural woodworks add glamour to your home, particularly when used as embellishments for walls, doors, mantels, ceilings, and cabinetry. Most of the available styles come in straight and curved options to suit various applications.

Most homeowners compare three to five paint colors before deciding which suits their home best. But many people often overlook another critical aspect of any room: the trim. Besides hiding unavoidable gaps and joints, trims bring about a clean design accent and style to your room.

Before deciding on which way to go, here are some decorative wood trim molding options you may consider:

This popular trim type is commonly found at the bottom of the wall. Baseboards can be very short pieces of about two to six inches tall. They can also come in simple, plain flat shapes or in round ornate and contemporary pieces. While their primary function is to provide a clear definition of the floor line, they also conceal gaps that occur between the wall and the floor.

Crown molding

This wood trim technique is majorly done at the point where the ceiling and the wall intersect to give a flawless transition from one surface to the other. After a simple crown molding project, you will have a clean and neat line at the upper seam of your house. However, if your house has a taller ceiling, you need a more elaborate crown to get the grand effect.


This process involves paneling wood against a wall and is often done under a chair rail. It is available in intricate grooves, rustic panels, or smooth boxes. If you want a formal, sophisticated setting and feel, then raised panels are the way to go. But if you want a county or quaint feel, then a bead board is an ideal option.

To enhance the look of your trim, use of a glossy or semi-glossy finishing. Other people prefer natural staining, coloring, and elaborate multi-toned designs. For a longer lasting interior design statement, the trim requires consistent upkeep and touch up with the right paint.

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