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How Australia’s Logistics Industry Should Take Initiative

Logistics Team in a Meeting

The advised the industry to take initiative on how they can better convey their importance to the country’s supply chain, according to Michael Kilgariff, Australian Logistics Council (ALC) managing director.

Kilgariff believes that the logistics companies should actively participate on how to develop a national freight and supply chain strategy, a 15-year plan created by the Infrastructure Australia (IA).

Active Participation

The IA unveiled the long-term investment plan in 2016 after its inception in 2008. Kilgariff said that it is now up to the logistics industry to step up and take initiative on how they can better convey their importance to the country’s supply chain.

The industry’s participation serves a crucial role, as public transportation and buildings tend to gain more favour than freight shipping and other infrastructure. In case it fails to assert its place in the supply chain, much is at risk, Kilgariff noted.

Valuable Insights

Australia’s logistics and transportation sectors account for 8.2% of the national economy and support 1.2 million jobs, which may include indirect employment from manufacturing supplies such as poly woven strapping products.

This is part of the reason why the ALC urged companies and stakeholders to be more visible in providing feedback to the national strategic plan. The Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport will accept public input on a discussion paper for the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities until July 28, according to Minister Darren Chester.

The $75 billion investment plan covers several projects such as the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail and the Western Sydney Airport. It will also identify growth opportunities for the industry.

Logistics companies have spent years lobbying for support from the government. Now that there are investment plans laid out for the sector, the industry should focus on how they can leverage these resources to their advantage.

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