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How Does Aluminium Pipe Stack Up Against Other Piping Materials?

Compressed Air SystemsCompressed air systems have gone through different pipework materials over the years. You can get piping systems made out of stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, black pipe, and more. In recent years, however, the aluminium pipe has been added to the roster of compressed air pipework. How does this new pipe stack up against all the old piping material?

Common Materials

The common compressed air piping materials have been galvanised steel and black iron. These two have long been used for compressed air since most contractors are familiar with them. The piping made from such material have affordable prices. Steel pipe can withstand high pressure. Finally, you can quickly obtain pipes made from these materials.

Stainless Choice

Less common materials include stainless steel. It has the tensile strength to withstand high pressure just like the two previous materials. It also has immunity to corrosion, making stainless steel pipe long-lasting. Given current press-fit technology, you can also easily install stainless steel piping without much experience.

Plastic Options

Finally, plastic pipe such as polyethylene and polypropylene have also been used for compressed air systems. Plastic cannot rust, and you gain a lightweight piping material. Just like black iron and galvanised steel, plastic pipe also comes at low costs and widespread availability.

Now, in contrast to the previously mentioned materials, aluminium pipes seem to trump them all.

Aluminium Offerings

Aluminium pipework can be easily installed compared to some stainless steel systems and plastic pipework. Easy installation, in turn, means less labour and installation costs. Aluminium piping comes with corrosion-immunity unlike galvanised steel and black iron.

Should leaks or problems occur, you can easily modify aluminium better than steel alternatives. It can withstand high pressure, unlike plastic a pipe. Finally, aluminium also provides better quality compressed air than steel alternatives.

All these advantages of aluminium pipework seem to prove the new piping material can work best for your compressed air needs. One air system company here in Australia can provide you with the aluminium piping you need for your applications.

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