How to Purchase Earth Moving Spares Like a Pro
Posted by Bowersmansion on 6th July 2017

spare parts of a car on a flatlay shot arranged as a carIf you are in the business of leasing out backhoes, tractors, harvesters, and similar types of earthmoving equipment, you will inevitably need to replace certain parts either due to normal wear and tear or hazards encountered during use. Companies such as Tuff Stuff understand that you run a business to make a profit, so you are most likely to look for good deals in earth moving spares to maximise your bottom line.

Always Go for Quality

However, before you go out and order those low-priced parts, you will need to make sure that these meet certain minimum quality standards. Turning a blind eye to this factor may result in more frequent equipment breakdown, expensive damages, and loss of profit for both you and the lessee. What’s worse is that you could be placing those operating these types of equipment (as well as those in the immediate work area) at risk for their safety.

Some Tips to Consider When Purchasing Spare Parts:

1. Go with a reputable supplier.

A really good and reliable supplier will always be transparent about your purchase. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to what you would normally buy, he will give you the pros and cons of this alternative and give you their recommendations.

2. Look at the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not buy parts that do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This should already warn you that the manufacturer is not confident about the part. Be meticulous in understanding the warranty terms and conditions so that you are aware of what is (or is not) covered by the warranty.

You should haggle before making a decision, not the other way around. Your primary consideration should be the quality of the part, so this is what you should investigate first. Once you’ve decided on what brand you will purchase, then you can begin to negotiate with the supplier to bring down the purchase price of the part.


All mechanical equipment will have parts that need to be replaced over time. When this time comes, focus on the quality of the available choices, make a short list and choose.

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