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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Water filtration tubeWater from the faucet may look clean but it can be hiding a few dirty secrets. Water can harbor bacteria, pesticides, plastics, fluoride, and even hormones from contraceptive pills. Normal chlorination cannot remove all of these.

Despite its clear appearance, the water supply may be home to a host of germs, chemicals, and other microscopic materials that can be harmful to the human health. This is why it’s important to have your own water filtration system at home to ensure that you and your family are drinking water that’s free of the following:

M Avium Paratuberculosis

M Avium paratuberculosis (MAP) is a type of bacteria that is related to the tuberculosis bacterium. It is present in farm animals and can get into the water supply via surface runoff. It is resistant to chlorine. MAP is thought to be the causative agent in Crohn’s Disease, a type of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.  It is conceivable that at least some cases of Crohn’s are the result of MAP-contaminated water.

Pesticide Contamination

Soils from industrial farm fields tend to leach or runoff pesticides, which then seep into groundwater or contaminate nearby streams or other bodies of water. One way or another, they end up in major water supplies, as can plastic from linings, household waste, and other industrial products.


When women take contraceptive pills, hormones are excreted via their urine. This ends up in the sewage system and the water is then cleaned and sent back out as tap water. When people and animals ingest these hormones through drinking water, it can cause endocrine disruption. There have been countless reports of wild fish changing genders after swimming in hormone-contaminated water.

Excess Fluoride

Excess fluoride is also found in drinking water. Moderate amounts of fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, or the mottling and cracking of the enamel, while long-term ingestion can cause potentially severe skeletal problems.

The Solution

Having your own water filtration system at home can help clear unwanted bacteria and chemicals from tap water. Superior Water Conditions offers a range of residential water treatment devices to help Fort Wayne residents have safe and clean drinking water at all times.

Even ‘clean’ water can have contaminants in it such as medication traces, fluoride, pesticides, and pollutants, but home water filtration systems can thoroughly remove these impurities without using harsh chemicals.

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