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Making Laser Engraving the New Norm: What’s Driving Growth in the Industry?

EngravingA few years ago, laser engraving was a process that only industrial companies could use to personalize products for corporate use. With the rise of the maker movement in America — a contemporary subculture that encourages innovation, prototyping, and the unique application of technology — the market for laser engraving has grown significantly. The movement is giving technology enthusiasts, food artisans, and engineers a chance to showcase their creativity and resourcefulness.

Home businesses and start-ups are an off-shoot of the movement, with entrepreneurs give generic products a unique touch with the help of laser engraving. Companies like aplazer.com are making this possible. As laser engraving becomes more affordable and accessible, it is giving companies the opportunity to offer their customers something unique.

What are other factors that drive growth in the industry, though?

A Focus on Personalization

The demand for personalized products in recent years has grown. From jewelry and wedding glasses to dog collars and computer supplies, common products are being given the “personalization” treatment. Letting customers have their way, after all, leads to better customer loyalty and engagement in the long run.

An Industrial Demand

The industrial sector has taken advantage of laser engraving to provide an added layer of security to their products through inventory control and tracking and loss prevention. The service is ideal for businesses that use credit cards and sensitive documents that require increased safety measures.

Security of Corporate Assets

With laser engraving, companies can secure their products and prevent theft. Having a logo on a corporate-supplied item makes it easier to track who owns what, dissuading potential criminals from stealing corporate assets. More than improving security, however, laser engraving can also be an extension of a company’s branding.

Laser engraving is becoming the new norm because it offers several benefits to companies. New and different customers are also getting in on the action as woodworking, apparel, sports, and electronics segments become a part of the laser engraving market.

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