Metal: The Material that Spans Different Industries
Posted by Bowersmansion on 2nd August 2017

steel pipes on black and whiteLiving without metal is impossible. You see it everywhere in the West Midlands and even outside the UK, and it is used in almost all industries. You may have your metal braces replaced by plastic ones for aesthetic teeth straightening, but there is no denying that metal braces still do the job better. The same goes for most industries where metal is involved.

Here are some of those industries:


Would you trust a vehicle without any kind of metal in it? Metal is not just durable; it also has the weight that enables a vehicle to withstand outside pressure without folding in easily. Winward Engineering LTD notes that it takes expertise to man those metal pressings and to shape raw metal into the pieces that would make a car’s complicated system. Plastic can surely be shaped without problems, but it can be bent out of shape just as easily. Though it would certainly be a dream to have a car fully made of plastic, the material would have to do something about the light weight and the susceptibility of plastic to burning when subjected to high temperatures.

Food Processing

Plastic knives do exist, and in cool colours, too. No matter how heavy duty they claim to be, however, they are still no match to metal knives and other utensils. Consider metal equipment used to cut through frozen meat or to ground meat, as well. They cannot be replaced by any other material without compromising the safety of the food and racking up costs.


Metal surely is useful in hard sciences and technological advancements. Interestingly, metal is just as important in ornamental aspects of life. You see wrought-iron gates that last for decades, and the littlest details on an industrial building–usually created using metal–could be its defining characteristics.

There may never be a material more useful than metal. One reason for this is the wide variety of metals to choose from, with each one lending a different set of characteristics that get the job done beautifully.

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