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Modern Magic: Why Choose Steel for Your Stairs

House Steel StaircaseIndustrial and minimalist interior design styles find the use of steel to be beneficial and complementary to their design aesthetic. Even traditional and homey houses make use of steel in various ways to add a touch of modernity to their space.

One area to execute this is in your staircases, where the material shows its greatest versatility. Here are some reasons why steel may be the best one to use when you’re renovating or constructing your staircase.

Sturdy support

More than providing sturdy steel stair treads as a base, steel can also be used as the material for the main support. For a modern home, installing steel railings could create a very minimalist vibe that brings a modern touch even if it is mixed with wood or glass materials for the base.
Steel support allows for a variety of design, but also can add more texture and safety to the staircase by doubling or tripling the railings.

Easy fabrication for different shapes

Steel is probably one of the more malleable materials that can be used in a house. This is very useful especially for stairs since this part of the house can have different design configurations. From straight to spiral, or switch-back and even hanging, using steel will let you indulge your imagination more.
Even the more elegant staircase designs like continuous steel stair treads are easy to fabricate when you use metal as the material. Best of all, this sturdy material ensures better load-bearing capacity.

Precise casting and varied cladding

Choosing the material to use on your stairs can be influenced by the intricacy of the project you want. When your staircase design requires more complex casting, it’s best to use steel.

It’s also notable that steel staircases can be combined with other materials like stone, timber, or marble via cladding. Combining these materials adds more elements in your home’s design.

Staircases can be a home’s major focal point, which is why it is necessary to use only the best and most dynamic material. With steel, one can’t go wrong, especially if you’re looking to build a comfortable yet modern abode.

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