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Passive Water Treatment for Reduced Carbon Footprint

Clear water dropping on surfacePassive water treatment is a method of cleaning water that environmentally conscious businesses and homes use. It was developed to minimise soil erosion and protect endangered species of wildlife from chemicals in the water.

passive water treatment system requires no chemicals and little or no power, and it is powered by nature. Aeration is one of these processes involved in the treatment.

What is Water Aeration?

This is the mixing of water and oxygen to remove bacteria and unwanted gases from the water. This occurs in nature through the movement of water in waterfalls and streams. Air can also be pushed into the surface of the water by the wind.

Aeration can be achieved purposefully by spraying oxygen into a body of water. The water/air mix works as a disinfectant by providing oxygen to friendly bacteria. These basic life forms consume the bad bacteria and organic matter, leaving behind cleaner water.

Using Worms to Treat Water

Using worms is another process that can be used to treat blackwater. This is achieved when the contaminated water is run through a filter containing bark to simulate natural forestry conditions and worms. The bark retains the solid material and the worms devour it. After the treatment is complete, the water is returned to the soil.

Passive water treatment systems can be used to treat storm water run-off, landfills, areas of acid seepage. You can likewise use them on a smaller scale to clean septic tanks, kitchen waste water or shower and bath water in residential properties.

This method of cleaning water is affordable, works in harmony with the environment and requires no maintenance, as the worms create their own self-sustaining ecosystem. Bills are minimal, as no electricity or mechanical repairs are required.

Chemical treatment of wastewater causes pollution that has health risks to people and endangers marine life. Using low impact systems that replicate the Earth’s natural cleansing processes can produce a clean water supply without causing any harm.

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