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Pre-Fabricated Homes and Why They Are a Good Idea

a prefab homeWith the national average cost of building a new home inching past $300,000, many people cannot afford to own one. However, that is not a reason to despair about ever having a place to call your own.

If your budget falls short of the national average, you can take full advantage of emerging technology that delivers a home at a fraction of the cost. Prefab homes in NZ are increasingly becoming popular with people looking to own a home without breaking the bank.

Improved quality that meets your need

At the mention of a prefabricated house, you are likely to form a mental picture of an ugly housing structure that resembles a warehouse more than a home. Well, that is not what is in store as building technology has come a long way since then.

Modern prefabs are classy, beautiful, and available in just about any conceivable design, not to mention eco-friendly. So impressive are some of these designs that it is hard to believe that they are indeed prefabricated.

Just like the conventional house, you can specify the size, shape, floor size, and the number of bedrooms you want. Innovative building technology enables a quality finished product that meets your finest detail specifications.

Impressive turnaround time

Impressively, you could be moving into your new home in as fast as 14 weeks after the start of the project. Such a short turnaround time is unheard-of in traditional construction. Since the bulk of the fabrication happens in a controlled environment, inclement weather becomes a non-issue.

The setting also ensures the house meets the highest quality standard and makes efficient use of the available building materials. Again, since there are no much unforeseen factors, it is easy to work out the total cost of the project. This is invaluable when coming up with a budget for the construction of your home.

With the cost of a regular home driving above the financial capabilities of the average person, owning a home in NZ can become a distant dream. Thankfully, you can still realise your dream of owning one with the more affordable prefab homes.

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