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Primary Containment: PVC vs FRB Storage Tank Lining

Storage TanksThe petroleum and chemical industries work with hazardous liquid substances that need to be contained properly in storage. Of course, the walls of aboveground storage work to contain such hazardous substances, yet a few state regulations dictate that aboveground storage tanks must have two containments to keep the substances safe. In such cases, you can rely on internal liners as primary containment while the tank itself acts as the secondary containment.

Primary Containment

Now, you can easily have API 653 tanks constructed by a storage tank services company. When you need internal liners, however, you can either have one tank undertake API 653 tank alteration to install the liner or have the liner installed during initial construction of the tank. Furthermore, you have to choose what kind of liner to install in your storage tank.


Your liner options can include fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Which of the two will work best for your tank? FRP linings provide you with a long lifecycle that reaches up to 35 years in many cases. They also have strong corrosion-resistant properties that make them ideal for containing corrosive substances.

Unfortunately, FRP linings can sometimes make it hard for you to see the bottom of the storage tank. You will have difficulty assessing bottom-side corrosion because of this. Installation of such lining also takes careful application that may become a hassle.


In contrast, PVC offers great affordability and easy installation if done by experts from a storage tank services company. PVC liners can last for 10 years, yet it can adequately protect the walls of your tank. Any substance contained within PVC will be kept from contact with the tank walls, prolonging tank life.

PVC can be an excellent choice for the internal lining of your storage tank, especially when you store non-corrosive but still hazardous substances. A storage tank services company can install a PVC lining for you inside your new tanks or inside old tanks that need maintenance and repair.

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