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Stretch Warp Machine Buying Guide

Food wrapped in cling wrapStretch wraps are widely used in various households. More commonly known in the home as cling wrap, it can cover your leftovers to keep them fresh and free from fridge burn, and be used to wrap food to bring to a picnic. But outside the kitchen, stretch wraps are also widely used for various industrial purposes.

More businesses, particularly manufacturers, are using their own stretch wrapping machines for their pallets, boxes, goods and other valuables. But, as with any investment in equipment, it pays to research the product before shelling out. Here is a quick guide to help you with your purchase.

Guide to buying a stretch wrap machine


Owning a good quality machine is not cheap. That is the reason why some companies would rather outsource or rent their equipment. However, after careful evaluation and computation, businesses have found that over the long run, owning is often more cost-effective than renting. The bottom line is to identify costs and review your budget before deciding to buy a machine.


Not all stretch wrapping equipment is created equal. Your choice of a machine depends on several aspects, including the type and variety of objects that need wrapping, the frequency and operating costs. Some are intended to wrap concrete while others are designed for wrapping irregularly shaped goods or perishables such as food or medicines.


Companies invest in equipment to increase their productivity and make their work easier. Therefore, check the speed of output, as well as how the machine is integrated into the production and distribution process before deciding which one to purchase. The capacity of different machine varies.

Planning to invest in a stretch wrapping machine soon? Keep these tips in mind when evaluating which machine in the market best suits your company’s needs. The investment is to improve output; the wrong choice could do the opposite.

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