The Influence Luxury Product Packaging has on the Market
Posted by Bowersmansion on 17th July 2017

Bottle PackagingYou make it or break it in business at the packaging phase. It is always a matter of being presentable with your clients, and investing in high-quality packaging is enough to enhance your brand and create that luxe kind of response from your consumers’ world over.

The art and science of packaging

You might wonder why many people sell the same item, but you will always find that one supplier whose brand is solid on the market. Beautiful and classy packaging attracts clients. To some extent, the effort in packaging gives these producers the satisfaction of having gotten value for their money.

Sensory Cues associated with the packaging of luxury products

Studies have identified sensory cues long-associated with luxury products packaging. And, since the proper packaging is the first door to your product and brand, it is essential to trigger the following sensory cues with your packaging:

Tactility. It is prestigious to have tactile designs on your packaging as consumers like to have something they can touch. Maximise on the sensitive tactics and allow people an opportunity to have a reason to feel your product.

A good example of the strategy is in the packaging of wines and liquor, where most of them have dome-embossed resin labels to make them look expensive and deluxe.

Olfactivity. Scents have the power of olfactive sensory cues that enhance the process of recall. Associating your brand with a distinct smell will increase its appreciation more in the market as fragrance create a positive and lasting impression.

Whenever people feel the scent, they will always recall your brand.

Audibility. Over time, people have attached more value to heavyweight paper bags as it produces a deep sound effect whenever you touch and open them. On the other hand, most people will want to shy away from other plastic bags for shopping as they have an overly pitched and irritating sound when handled.

Now you know. Beyond the packaging material you use to keep products together and safe, remember luxury product packaging can attached value depending on the sensory cues they will trigger in people.


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