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The Proper Maintenance for a Steel Storage Tank

Steel Storage Water TankCapable of storing different kinds of liquid, such as water, fuel, and even chemicals, homes and businesses use steel storage tanks because of their durability, cost-efficiency, and quality of its material. However, even as a long-term storage solution, steel storage tanks can still corrode and leak due to poor maintenance. Below are the things you should do to prevent this from happening:

Invest in Routine Inspections

Hiring an industry professional is ideal when it comes to tank inspection. Other than ensuring the quality of work, they can also provide two kinds of inspection:

  • A dry inspection, which involves removing all liquid from the tank to conduct an internal check.
  • A Remote Open Vehicle (ROV) Inspection, which does not necessitate draining.

The latter is a cost-effective option though both methods are applicable to underground and above ground tanks.

Regularly Check for Rust and Leaks

Do you know why steel storage tanks do not corrode easily? It’s because of the bee’s wax that prevents oxidation and corrosion. This protective coating, however, may fade due to constant heat and steam, ultimately leading to rust and leaks. Prevent this by placing your tank away from the sun and by welding patches with epoxy-based compounds.

Ensure Tightness of Seal

It is important to keep the tank’s seal safe, as it provides access to liquid level indicators and submersible booster pumps and prevents sediment buildup at the bottom of the material. Prevent dirt, debris, and bacteria from coming in by installing locks and bolts around the cover. Doing this further tightens the seal, ensuring the cleanliness of the liquid inside.

Steel storage tanks are great investments, which is why it is only wise to clean and maintain them properly. Apart from ensuring the quality of the stored liquid, this guarantees the safety of your property as well. Make sure to work with an industry professional when doing so.

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