The Safety Benefits of Quality Floor Mats That Are Placed Properly
Posted by Bowersmansion on 15th September 2017

Matte black floor matCommercial spaces are expected to uphold high safety standards. That’s why businesses invest in commercial floor mats from providers like that prevent slips and falls. Aside from choosing quality mats, it’s equally important to know how to maintain and place them correctly.

Floor Mat Material and Purpose

Consider choosing floor mats according to the type of commercial space you have. Some mats help reduce walk tension; these are typically used in manufacturing facilities. These are anti-fatigue mats made with rubber and designed with thicker cushion.

For commercial spaces like stores, wiping and scraping mats are used to reduce moisture and floor dirt when customers walk in. These mats are also made of materials like rubber or PET plastic that significantly reduce slippage. Safety organisations typically recommend thick mats with corrugated rubber.

Key Areas and Right Placement of Commercial Floor Mats

Mats should be strategically placed in the entryway, outdoors, and indoors where they help prevent slipping. The most important rule is always to make sure mats are laid flat on the floor. Otherwise, customers might trip or fall.

Moreover, according to architect and premises safety expert C. Peterman, mats can become slipping hazards if they are placed on a moist surface. The National Safety Council recommends changing floor mats especially when they get too wet throughout the day.

Mat Maintenance and When to Replace Them

The National Floor Safety Institute upholds safety standards by including proper mat care and maintenance. Mats that are often rolled and stored become deformed and may not lay flat on the ground.

To maintain mat shape, owners should make sure to lay them out flat on a clean surface without overlapping another mat or raised surface. Floor mats must also be cleaned regularly. When ridges, curls, and tears appear, it would be best to get a new floor mat right away.

High-quality floor mats go beyond cleaning the underside of shoes. When maintained well and placed correctly, you can maximise floor safety standards in your commercial space.

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