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Three Common Mistakes Farmers Make when Making Hay

Rake on top of hayNow that you’ve decided to make farming a full-time occupation, you’re probably still learning the ropes on how to go about it. If at some point during the year you’ll need to make hay, then you need to do it right. Here are three common mistakes you should avoid.

Skimping on equipment

Baling, like all other farm activities, needs the right equipment to be done right. Unfortunately, some farmers try to cut corners by buying inferior equipment. To make high-quality hay, you must use the appropriate equipment. When looking for a V hay rake for sale, for instance, don’t go for the cheapest in the market. Rather, opt for one that guarantees excellent work, even if you have to pay a little more for it.

Failing to check moisture

Veterans know just the right time to bale. Baling when the moisture is too high or too low results in leaf shatter, as well as loss of nutrients. If your farm is located in one of the drier parts of the country, you may have to start baling very early in the morning when there’s a higher content of moisture on the grass.

Ignoring the bale density

Bales that do not meet the right bale density have trouble maintaining shape and staying secure from the harsh elements. Some farmers assume that having a density gauge is enough to get the bale density right. Sure, the gauge does help, but you still need to physically verify that the bales have attained the required bale density by using your thumb.

Baling is as much an art as it is a science, so you must approach the entire process appropriately. The secret is to use the right equipment, check the moisture content and ensure that the bales are of the right density.

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