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Understanding Stainless Steel Fasteners

Tight and Intact Stainless Steel Fasteners

As the name implies, the primary role of fasteners is to hold equipment together. This makes them an integral part of all construction projects. Specific projects will dictate the ideal strength and particular properties of the fastener to be used.

Stainless steel fasteners are the most superior kind of fasteners in the construction industry because of their strength and corrosion resistance. In case you opt to utilise stainless steel fasteners for your project, ensure that you procure them from stainless steel fasteners suppliers that have built an excellent reputation, such as Timberfix. That said, let us take a look at some essential notations of fasteners you should acquaint yourself with.


A fastener’s head is defined in two parts: its style and drive type. The fastener head’s drive type refers to the tool used for installing it. Typical examples include slotted, square and Phillips drives. Certain fasteners have no drives and hence have no head drive type specified. The head style defines the head’s shape. The standard styles include hex, truss, pan and flat.


A fastener’s material is described by its plating, grade and the material itself. Most stainless steel fasteners are coated or plated for protection from corrosion and decoration. The standard plating is chrome, zinc and galvanising. Common material grades include grades 2, 8 and 8.8.


The size label has three parts; diameter, length and thread pitch. The diameter is measured on the external portion of the fastener’s threads. Thread pitch is the distance between a fastener’s threads. The length is measured from the fastener’s end to the surface of its installation. All these measurements are in millimetres.

The size of a fastener is specified in a particular order. It starts with its diameter, followed by its thread pitch and finally length. Some stainless steel fasteners may have additional specific properties. These include unique points, thread locking systems or washers. The features will be included with the other forms of identification.

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