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Why Do You Need an Above Ground Tank Inspection?

Above ground tanksWhile the country allows you to store hazardous and flammable substances, it requires you to keep them properly. You, therefore, have to build a tank. This tank may be above ground or underground.

Using an above-ground tank has many benefits. One, installation or construction is quick, easy, and convenient. Moreover, maintaining it is not difficult. It doesn’t mean, though, risks are not present or minimal.

Common Problems

One of the biggest problems with the above-ground tank is its exposure to the elements. These tanks would need liners or use durable materials with anti-corrosion properties. But they don’t matter if there’s a strong storm, flooding, or tornado.

Moreover, building the tank above ground doesn’t cut the risk of leakage and spills. In fact, it may increase due to the exposure of the pipes. These materials may corrode and start to crumble, resulting in bursting and leakage. Screws may come off or become loose, which may lead to the same issue.

What to Do

Besides creating policies or processes that safeguard these above-ground tanks, you also need to undergo inspections. There are different types of checkups or monitoring done on tanks. There’s the monthly assessment. Anyone who has an in-depth knowledge of tank maintenance can do the job.

The other is the external and internal inspection. Only a certified API 653 tank inspector can accomplish the task. API 653 is an evaluation of tanks above-ground that are more than 50 feet tall. Their diameters are also over 30 feet.

The interval of these inspections varies: four years for the external and within a decade from the initial service for the internal. But these may change depending on the result of the previous evaluation. Some factors that can influence the results and intervals are the products stored, the rate of corrosion, and internal systems.

When choosing your inspector, make sure he has the certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API) and possesses at least a year of working experience depending on the educational background.

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