Why Should You Start Collecting Rainwater
Posted by Bowersmansion on 27th July 2017

Rainwater Tank

Rainwater comes with lots of uses other than just keeping your plants healthy and your lawn green. In many areas in Australia, rainwater is a lifesaver. Many people collect rain and store them in rainwater storage tanks for future use. Here are the three best reasons why you should start saving up rainwater today.


Rainwater does so much more than keeping the plants healthy and the lawn green. Rain uses natural evaporation and condensation to remove impurities. That’s why it’s a big mistake to waste it all and not stock it. However, in this article, we’ll share with you the three best reasons to start saving up rainwater for your home today.

1. It Is the Easiest Way to Save Water and Cash

You can collect rain for watering your plants or cleaning your car or front yard. You could save money on your water bills. When you start storing rain, it is the easiest way for you to conserve water for your daily consumption.

2. It Is the Best Way to Prepare for Drought and The “Not-So-Rainy” Days

The state of the planet’s climate has made saving water all the more important. Summer temperatures have increased steadily through the years. In some areas, rainwater collection has become the chosen solution.
Prepare for a drought with a tank of collected water. You would have a tank of clean water you can use for washing laundry, the car, and even watering your garden or lawn. Rainwater storage tanks can store as much as 6,500 litres of water.

Rainwater Is Great for Your Plants

There is a big difference when you use rainwater rather than tap water for your plants. The former is a much better and more sustainable resource.
Aside from that, using rainwater helps in reducing stormwater runoffs and flood to occur. This makes it an environment-friendly solution.


Rainwater can be an option especially in drought-stricken areas or in places where there is low rainfall. Rainwater storage tanks help you save money as well as the environment.

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